Pet Life App

For my last project in my interactive design class, I had to design an app based off of a prompt. I selected “pet social media.” Rather than building a social media platform, I focused on creating a digital community for pet owners. As a pet owner myself, I wanted to design an app that would provide real value.

In my project overview, I explained Pet Life as a digital community for pet owners to share stories, ask questions, and find resources, helping them navigate the joyful and frustrating moments of pet ownership. By setting up an account, a pet owner can post photos, videos, and text; follow and chat directly with other pet owners and comment on their content; review pet products; and search for resources and training guides. Pet organizations would also be able to create accounts. They can post; chat with, comment, follow pet owners; and build resource libraries.

As you can imagine, the Pet Life app will require lots of different screens. I focused my wireframes and mockups on detailing the journey a pet owner would go through to login/set up their account, search for resources, and access their profile. You can view a working prototype of my design here.