Global Partners: Running Waters

For three years (summer 2019 to summer 2022), I worked with Global Partners: Running Waters (GPRW). GPRW is a nonprofit organization that partners with Latin American organizations and communities to complete clean water, food, education, and health care projects.

When I started with GPRW, their website¬†was out of date. I felt their current content management system was lacking in capabilities. With their current director and board’s approval, I rebuilt¬†the GPRW website in WordPress. This was the first time that I fully built a website. I learned a lot from the experience, and it helped further ignite my passion for web design/development.

In the fall of 2021, I completed a major update on the GPRW website. The original theme I had chosen was no longer supported, so I switched to a child theme with lots of custom CSS. I also updated the text to be more SEO friendly. Before that, I worked on several smaller updates, including adding more content specifically through individual project pages. My favorite design element of each project page is the timeline that showcases each project’s construction progress.

I would encourage you to explore the GPRW website: While I have included a few screenshots, I do not feel they truly capture it.

Plugin Work

I have installed several plugins on the GPRW website, but my favorite would be the timeline plugin. During each project’s construction, GPRW’s partner organization sends photos and videos of the progress. While I have chosen not to include dates, the timeline’s linear nature allows you to swipe through the different construction phases. Each “timeline story” can have photo galleries and/or videos along with text.

Video Work

Videos play an important role on the GPRW website. Using Adobe Premiere Pro’s transcription and caption features, I have started adding captions to video testimonials from Guatemalan communities that have received clean water. While manual translation and captioning take more time than YouTube, I feel the quality and timing are greatly improved, creating a better viewing experience.